Thursday, October 2, 2008

what's cooking

This is for the first two weeks in October. I am so glad that it is Fall. I love the cool weather. The crisp cool air gives me extra energy! I will post some of these recipes later.

Wednesday: Tex-mex chicken and rice skillet

Thursday: Left over Tex-Mex

Friday: Eat out to celebrate our anniversary. (It was on Wednesday! Three years together.)

Sunday: Lord's Supper Fellowship at Church

Monday: Chinese

Tuesday: Teriyaki Pork Kebabs with rice

Wednesday: Manicotti, salad, bread

Thursday: Left over manicotti

Friday: Crunchy whole-grain chicken bites, peas, potatoes

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Ron Durham said...

Good stuff Kerry. I stumbled onto this via the video. I'm sending the link to this blog to Jan, I know she'll love it. Happy 3rd to you & Glen. Thirty for us this April, and it deepens and keeps getting better. Great for you now, even better things to come. God certainly gives the very best! Ron