Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gluten Free

I just posted on my other blog about my Celiac Disease. So I guess that the ingredients and recipes on this blog will be changing. Hopefully that will be able to help others who are going gluten free also!
I just started yesterday. We have lots of gluten in our house, but I was able to find things that were safe to eat.
Last night I made a quick improvise and it was really good- to me anyway (my husband liked it too). I had planned on making pizza- yum!! But none for me... So I found our corn tortilla chips (which are gluten free) and came up with the following recipe:

Pizza Nachos
corn tortilla chips
mozzarella cheese
bell pepper
pizza sauce (checked the ingredients and it was gluten free)
pepperoni (also was gluten free- the kind I had)
**You can add any topping**

In an oven safe dish- spray with PAM (gluten free). Layer chips on the bottom, pour pizza sauce over the chips, and add other toppings. I baked it on 400 for 5 minutes and it was perfect.

All very easy and I still felt like I had pizza!!!

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